We inform our customers and buyers that today we have released a new web site of the “Jaćimović” Weapon Company, where you will find all the relevant information and news related to our work.

We also ask you to be patient and understandable when it comes to the “Catalog” section, which will, due to the large number of brands we represent, be updated on a daily basis by the end of this process.


This year, as in the previous years from 08 to 11 March 2019. We visited the IWA Outddor Classic fair.

We have met with representatives of known companies in the field of the production of weapons, ammunition and equipment, and during the year we expect the realization of many agreements we have achieved, which will result in a large number of innovations in our retail network.


Recently, in our retail stores, you can find a new range of Beretta pistols, of which we specifically point out the Beretta APX 9mm gun with modular frame, high performance, durability, reliability and excellent ergonomics.


Our retail outlets are widespread throughout BiH, and soon we will be delighted by the joy of our customers from the south of BiH for another retail facility, which is expected to open soon on the third floor of the Mepas Mall in Mostar.